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Bear Again Rehabilitation Center for orphan bears

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Redirect 2%*

Steps to be taken to redirect 2% towards the bear orphanage:

Complete declaration 230,  if in 2021 you had income only from salaries or fill out declaration 200 if in 2021 you had other income (from salaries or independent activities or only from independent activities).

Send the form to the Financial Administration you belong to. You can send it by registered mail or send it directly to the registry of the financial administration. If you have an electronic signature, the form can also be submitted online.

*Romanian residents only1

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If you would like to support our project you can make an individual donation by bank transfer or bank card.

Here is our info and do not forget to send us a message if you have donated, to thank you for your support and to keep in touch.

Asociația Pentru Conservarea Valorilor Naturii

CIF: 18785836

IBAN (RON): RO65 RZBR 0000 0600 0804 4500

IBAN (EUR): RO11 RZBR 0000 0600 0804 4502