The Bear Orphanage

The only chance at a normal life in the wild

Since 2004, the only Center for the Rehabilitation of Orphan Bears in Europe has been operating in the Hășmaș Mountains, Romania

Studies prior to the project have shown that all necessary skills for the survival of bears in nature are inborn, the role of the mother being mainly that of protection. Thus the bear orphanage was born.




Saved bear cubs


Survival rate


Monitored bears

Operating principle

The basic principle of the project is to mimic nature as accurately as possible.

The rehabilitation method is based on 3 pillars:

Offering an identically natural habitat, which widens according to the degree of development of the cubs and which allows them to develop their innate instincts.

Placing additional food in such a way that the food source is not associated with human presence.

Restricting human access to the rehabilitation area (the cubs are visited in a particular way so that they do not sense our presence).

The success of the rehabilitation within the project is measured not by the survival percentage of the offspring following release (this being subject to the natural system of regulating the bear population), but by the degree of adaptation to the life in the wild without resulting in bears habituated with deviant and problematic behavior